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Lake Park Avenue No.1

上海市青浦区 Qingpu, Shanghai


朱家角1号即是将人的这种情感归属融入设计理念,以人为本,从规划布局、建筑形象、材质肌理、空间环境等多方面入手,创造出清新、简约、精致,能够体现生活品质,满足原始情感需求的高级住所。建筑的整体布局尊重地形与环境,中央景观带自然分隔出南北两区域,南块叠拼组团,北侧联排对望,既遵从传统礼制,又富于变化。组群分布保留了传统中式城市街区整体延续、里坊交错的特点,同时利用建筑围合庭院,汲取传统院落文化的精粹,将土地以庭院的形态有效分割至每一户,围合出独门私院的隐逸空间。 外敛内张的生活哲学衍生出中式建筑向心性的平面构成。环境的平和与建筑的含蓄烘托出”“相生的居住理念,使建筑序列与生活密切结合,尺度宜人不曲折,造型简朴而精致。


建筑整体造型采用新中式风格,通过对传统立面要素的抽象化提炼,加入现代元素,在细节上保持了中式的语调及精致的美感。以米黄色为主的墙体配以铜色相间的线条,构成方格立面,既以虚实对比的设计手法体现中式建筑内敛而大气的特点,保留传统中式建筑屋檐、实墙、庭院等典型元素,又以现代建筑的材料和建造工艺,吸收现代居住的理念,在简洁中彰显细节,营造了传统与现代的和谐统一。 清晰的转角、高耸的屋顶、简洁的造型、精确的比例、强化的功能以及良好的施工品质,使建筑在风格上既保留了中式住宅的神韵与精髓,又给人以光洁而严谨的现代整体感。

With the continuous evolution of the relationship between people and cities, the “comfort” of residences no longer points to the physical needs, but more to the psychological needs of people for shelter. The recognition of regions and the pursuit of quality all come from people’s most original emotional return to “home”. At this time, architectural space becomes a place to accommodate thoughts and emotions.

Lake Park Avenue No.1 integrates people’s emotional return into the design concept in a people-oriented way and creates a fresh, simple, fine, high-end residence which can reflect the quality of life and meet the original emotional needs from such aspects of layout planning, architectural image, texture and space environment.

The overall layout respects the terrain and environment. The central landscape belt naturally separates the northern and southern areas. The duplex buildings in the south look out on the town houses in the north, following the traditional style and rich in changes. The group distribution retains the characteristics of the traditional Chinese urban blocks, namely overall continuation and crisscrossed communities. Meanwhile, courtyards are enclosed by buildings, and the essence of traditional courtyard culture is absorbed. The land is effectively divided into each household in the form of a courtyard, enclosing the secluded space of a private courtyard. The life philosophy of external implication and internal unrestraint leads to the centrality of Chinese architecture. The peaceful environment and the implicit architecture contrast the living concept of “quietness” and “clearness”, so that the architectural sequence is closely combined with life, the scale is pleasant without twists and turns, and the design is simple and exquisite.

With the respect for land and the admiration for culture, the project integrates the ancient and modern courtyard cultures, making the villa perfectly rooted in this land. The careful treatment of roads, courtyards, green, water and architecture creates the harmonious unity of gardens and houses. The landscape is projected freely into the interior space, while the interior space is connected naturally with the external garden. The well-arranged landscape forms the image of “the unity of man and nature, mansions and gardens”, which is an artistic conception of the architectural language.

The building adopts the new Chinese style on the whole. Through the abstract refining of traditional façade elements and the addition of modern elements, the tone of Chinese style and exquisite aesthetic feeling are maintained in detail. The beige wall is matched with interlaced coppery lines to form a grid façade. It not only reflects the introverted and generous characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture with the design method of virtual-real contrast, but also preserves the typical elements of traditional Chinese architecture, such as eaves, solid walls, courtyards, etc. It also absorbs the concept of modern living with the materials and construction techniques of modern buildings, highlights details in simplicity, and creates a harmonious unity between tradition and modernity. Clear corners, high roofs, simple design, precise proportions, enhanced functions and good construction quality make buildings not only retain the charm and essence of Chinese houses, but also present a bright and rigorous sense of modern integrity.

业主 Client

上海青腾房地产有限公司 Shanghai Qingteng Real Estate Co., Ltd.

所在地址 Location

上海市青浦区 Qingpu, Shanghai

建筑规模 GFA

118,400㎡ 118,400㎡

项目类型 Type

居住 Residential

设计范围 Design scope

建筑 Architecture

设计周期 Design period

2014 - 2016