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Chang Le Ya Song

重庆市巴南区 Ba Nan, Chongqing




通过研究宋代文人雅士的日常生活,建筑师试图给现代居者提供一种名为 “雅集”的生活方式。即:除日常使用空间外,还置入:用于观山的露台,用于听雨的檐下拓展空间,用于抚琴的阁,用于点茶待客的堂等多处“值得浪费的精神空间”。   





Chinese architecture is a highly "organic" structure that is entirely native to China. With the development of China's economy, Chinese people have gradually changed from being fond of European architectural styles to looking for an ideal residence in line with Chinese cultural connotation. The elegant residence of the literati in the Song Dynasty is the lifestyle that every Chinese seeks. The folk architecture of the Song Dynasty (non-official architecture), however, no longer exists today.

The project is located in Chongqing, China, a city with a steep terrain, surrounded by mountains and rivers and rich history and culture, which provides the natural spiritual and material conditions for the emergence of Song style architecture. Based on this, the design concept focuses on the Song style dwellings.

Through studying the literature and paintings of the Song Dynasty, the architects have extracted the aesthetic features of that era, such as far-reaching eaves, simple and elegant geometry, soft, strong and delicate beauty, etc. Thus, summarized the essence of Song style layout, such as etiquette streamline, multiple courtyards, surrounded by scenery on three sides and paying attention to spiritual space.

Through the study of the daily life of the literati in the Song Dynasty, the architects tried to provide the modern residents with a life style called "Elegant Assembly", which is to put multiple places of "spiritual space worth wasting" into the space of daily use. For example: the terrace for viewing the mountain scenery, the expanded space under eaves for listening to the rain, the pavilion for playing the traditional instrument, and the hall for serving tea for guests and so on.

In terms of design techniques, the architect realized the reconstruction and re-translation of Song style architecture and gardens by studying the architectural details of the Song Dynasty and using modern materials and design vocabulary. There are golden metal lines which express the falling status of bamboo curtains and part of shade lever, reflecting a sense of line and exquisite beauty of Song style architecture. The concise rhomboid handrail and split looking column are used to interpret the Song Dynasty characteristic of "Wooden sticks crossed with each other". Also, the partition between the upper and lower floors are well translated into a Song style by placing chair-back balustrade in balcony, using down-shifting eaves and abstract decorative brackets.

The building adopts steel structure. All components are manufactured in the factory and installed accurately on site. The accuracy of the architectural details is ensured, while reducing the damage to the existing environment. All components are dry-hung and can be replaced if damaged. The replaced materials can also be recycled in the factory for sustainable use.

After the completion of the project, it shows the spirit of the Song people and even the Oriental people: we not only live with people-oriented spirit, but also respect the natural landscape, flowers and plants. The house does not disturb any flowers or trees with its lightness, and the transparent space allows nature to sneak under the eaves and indoors, forming a harmonious symbiotic relationship between human, architecture and nature.

In a roughly same living environment with an international context and the impetuous, material, fast-paced lifestyle, Changle Yasong is the exploration and reconstruction of the folk houses of the Song Dynasty that have disappeared. It is also a recapitulation and revival of the lifestyle in the Song Dynasty with the pursuit of slow rhyme, elegance, quiet and respect for nature.

业主 Client

融创中国 Sunac

所在地址 Location

重庆市巴南区 Ba Nan, Chongqing

建筑规模 GFA

55,000 ㎡ 55,000 ㎡

项目类型 Type

居住 Residential

设计范围 Design scope

建筑 Architecture

设计周期 Design period

2019 -