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Maison Mōree

浙江杭州 Hangzhou, Zhejiang




The project is located in Hangzhou in the east of China. It originates from the cooperation between an architectural design agency and a fashion brand. The founders of the two companies have been friends for more than a decade. Before the project, GOA had designed two facilities for JNBY. In around 2012, the two companies, rising as two design powerhouses, hoped to build for themselves ideal corporate headquarters. Therefore, it’s natural for them to work together to acquire a tract of land. Architects’ initial idea was to independently design their own headquarters. However, out of their high expectation and ambition for the project, the two owners finally invited Renzo Piano, a distinguished architect, to join them. During the design process of the headquarters, GOA performed the roles of both Party A and Party B.

The project is a comprehensive art park integrating office, art museum, art center, show field, commerce and other functions. The design is envisioned to enclose a super large square 130m×95m in size around the entire site, and to build a “city parlor” or an “oasis” for a diversified range of activities and events, where people’s activities in turn will influence the form of the “city parlor” and ultimately make it a vital core.

The proposal employs slanting tangent lines to divide the architectural massing into pleasant scales while creating a path connecting the square and the city. In this way, the inside and the outside are linked up to introduce air and sunshine into the architecture. The bottom layer of the architecture is designed to be as transparent as possible, with the purpose of introducing sightline between urban space and the square. The architectural massing is retreated to optimize the spatial scale of the entire square. To make the square a true “core”, the only path from the underground parking lot to the ground is designed as elevator scattered in the four corners of the site. When the glass cage slowly rises above the ground, you can immediately enjoy the ecological landscape of the square. Pedestrians have to pass through or detour around the square to enter different buildings. This square is available for use by white-collars in the peripheral buildings, visitors to the site, the art museum and the show field, people listening to music on the square and guests to coffee houses or restaurants.

业主 Client

江南布衣、GOA 大象设计 JNBY, GOA

所在地址 Location

浙江杭州 Hangzhou, Zhejiang

建筑规模 GFA

230,000 m² 230,000 m²

项目类型 Type

城市综合体 Complex

设计范围 Design scope

建筑 Architecture

设计周期 Design period

2012 - 2019

合作设计 Co-Design

Renzo Piano Building Workshop Renzo Piano Building Workshop